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Apr 15, 2008
While i fished the dam on the day in frankly horrible conditions.

I have to say the organiser was excellent and the briefing was clear and any queries were answered at that point. If he was to read the whole rule book etc well start time on the boats wouldnt be till 12!!! As to the idea that a marshell boat be "around to tell anglers off" think this idea is not a good one.

Because any boats fishing in a prohibited area then get "fishing time" where other boats are not allowed until the marshell boat comes and long and says **** off . Then the same boat goes to another restricted area and another "warning" Whats the point cause coming back to the jetty people will be saying that boat should be disqualified.

In the first instance rules have been broken because you fishing in a restricted area = disqualification.

I appreciate people come along way to fish heats and i myself am one of them however i fully accept that I by way of not knowing the water! , will at some point fall foul of the rules either on the local water leisure angling or in a comp.

At chew lake example is no anchoring like 300m around the dam area yet even locals are seen doing it who dont know they not allowed and the warden boat tells them off.

A full rule list for most fisheries is available and numbers around 20 odd points. I guarantee if you were told 20 facts and then given 2 hours fishing time and told to then write those facts down most people would be lucky to get 10 of them simply because you dont have a photographic memory and as result people will end up in areas of the lake they shouldnt be.

So frankly the rules and organisers are there to see the rules enforced and that means banning people who were intentional , or unintentional or ignorant of the rules. Simples.

I still cant see a list of full results of places ajustment showing on teff yet, which should happen including disqualifications.

Finally anyone who disagrees that disagreements shouldnt take place shouldnt be comp fishing because debate will always be part the game.
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