Great ouse chub.


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Jan 1, 2020
Milton keynes
Well, my second attempt fly fishing a river, my 1st didn't go well very hot and found it hard work. tonight fished 7 till 9pm. The river up about a foot but could just about see the bottom in 12" . showery and overcast, but a nice temperature. Started off in a swim that turns up some big chub, it requires an upstream cast, quite a flow on it,so hard for a beginner. but gave it 15 mins with a floating hopper. no action other than a few minnows splashing at it. move down to a nice slack behind some rushes with a fast streamy bit on the far side.
Fished floating hopper, initialy letting it run down the crease. then trying both the fast and slack. i also tried the hopper wet. My friend had a few roach on worm, so i tried a brown gold head squirmy, and i felt a pull fairly quickly but didn't catch it, later i caught my first chub about 6oz, it hit it hard and i thought it was much bigger,a great fight on my 6wt. I finished off at the first swim,with sqirmy. i caught nothing else. But i was so excited it's like being 12 again! I've got to get used to the feel of the rod playing fish. It's very different to my coarse rods. the fly rod seems much softer. Though my favourite coarse rod is soft by most standards. Thanks to all who contribute to the forum,it's got me off to a good start on my fly journey.
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