Great Sport at little cost

roger h 10

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Nov 30, 2012
South East Kent
Well I got a bit fed up with small water trout fishing after coming out of lockdown so thought I would have a go at coarse fish on the fly.
To start with I joined my local club which has a good range of stillwaters plus a trout pool and several miles of mixed fishing on the Kentish Stour. Having had some success with small chub and dace on my #2 weight rod I decided to have a go for carp yesterday. Well all I can say is what an experience,I've had trout of all sizes up to 18lb+ but never have I exprienced the fight from these comparitively small carp,4-5lb fish were bending my 10'0 #6 Onki nearly double. Every fish fought differently some were more reminiscent of big Brownies whilst others tore about like rainbows, I ended up with 8, 2 Mirrors and 6 Commons. Although the lake that I was fishing is very generously stocked the fish were very fussy,although I caught on a range of flies a foam beetle turned out to be the most productive. And it didn't cost me a penny (y) .


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Jun 30, 2020
I've recently had a few wild carp from a local trout lake up to 24" or so and they do fight like hell on a 4wt rod

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