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May 3, 2021
North Yorkshire
Hi all

I need some help, its been a long time since I fished as a lad of 14 and will some day come back to it, however i have joined needing help.

We are currently starting the fight for a small village in North Yorkshire objecting to what is an Egg factory proposed on the outskirts with drainage into important streams. This isnt a farm, this is 200,000 hens, one of the biggest in the UK consisting of three 258metre long buildings in an area of conservations and an area that feeds into the Cod Beck.

Cod beck runs though Thirsk and 6 miles upstream the fishing rights belong to Knayton fishing club, however we are struggling to find somebody to help.

There is a significant concern of ammonia entering the water course and into cod beck from some of the hens and when the buildings are washed out chemicals, of which only a silt trap to filter is planned.

We are of course in discussions with the environmental health, the village in a week has currently raised £5000 for legal bills, built a website, received over 1000 objections online, recruited a planning consultant and we also have the support of the Ramblers association.

If anyone has any contact with Knayton, or anyone in any fishing organisation that can help please let me know.

You can find more info here

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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Feb 17, 2019
The Don
I have fished Cod Beck many a time, caught, grayling, trout and chub on the fly and on the float and ledger.
Great wee spot.
Perhaps you should try and get in touch with this gentleman.

That area is his patch, and he has just done videos about Cod Beck and Thirsk.
I believe he is a bailiff for the Leeds and District angling club.
So I am thinking he would know quite a bit about the area and who you could contact about getting help.

When I was fishing there there was a couple of times where the water did turn a milky gray and dead fish were piling up at the wear at the top end of the town section.
So pollution there is not a new thing.

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