House for sale in Western Ireland - Fishing Paradise!


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Oct 1, 2008

Reluctantly my pal in Ireland is selling his lovely house for family reasons (his wife wants to move closer to her mother in the south). As a keen fisher he has loved where he is in Western Ireland. There is great salmon fishing within a few hundred yards of this house!

In his words:

"Here in the North West of Ireland there is a myriad of rivers and lakes offering superb salmon and trout fishing in peaceful scenic surroundings.

In the town of Bangor Erris, 50 minutes drive from Knock airport , there is the Owenmore river. This is a medium sized river,which gets good runs of salmon and grilse. It is fly only, and rightly so, as it is for the most part "perfect fly water". Below Bangor the Carrowmore lake empties into the Owenmore. The main run of Spring salmon run into the lake, while on the river, the salmon a grilse fishing is best from late May to the end of September. The local angling club offers membership to residents and day permits to visitors and has 3 miles of both banks.

The sister river the Owenduff about 20 minutes drive away. It is also a noted salmon river and while most of the fishing is private, permits can be obtained. Failing that, drive for for 15 minutes on the Westport road, stop at the bridge and gaze at the wonderful pool just below Cast your eyes further downstream and you will see some boulders forming a sort of natural weir. This is the start of the tidal stretch, the fishing is free and good catches of both salmon and sea trout can be made. A tip, do not just wade at the start of your fishing but stand well back and fish the margins. These fresh run fish are " spooky" and you will be surprised at your results.

About 20 minutes drive will take you to the Glenamoy river, which is a delightful smaller river and has good runs of salmon and sea trout. It is essentially a "late" river, and more of a spate river than the others. However from the first floods in July it is very worthwhile fishing. Permits can be obtained at the local pub, " The Anglers Rest.

Both Carrowmore Lake and Lough Beltra offer good fly fishing from the boat for salmon and sea trout.

Then there is Lough Conn and Lough Mask which are both within easy driving distance and offer superb trout fishing throughout the season as well as the Mayfly.

I have not even mentioned the famous river Moy which is 40 minutes drive away to Ballina.

There is so much fishing to choose from that you will inevitably seek local advice and then you may be surprised to find yourself talking to German, French or English anglers who have relocated to this part of the world. I've a feeling it was for the fishing?"

And at only £220,000 for a detached 4 bedroomed house it's an amazing price to boot!

PM me if you would like further details on the house or the fishing!



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Jun 18, 2006
I think any prospective buyers will want to understand the implications of Brexit first.


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Dec 17, 2012
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I think any prospective buyers will want to know if its still on the market as this topic was posted in February 2016 :unsure:
The bigger question is why there were no comments made between the original and now. Nearly five years and no queries??????