How's yours?


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Sep 28, 2017
Where I want to be
None of them exactly a 'bar of silver'. But you can only catch what is there at the same time as you are! 😜


This is very true! They might not be bars of silver but they are what you would expect in late August and perfectly acceptable and a long way from being too far gone.

I know a lot of people get a bit sniffy about coloured sea trout and salmon and even go as far as to say the season should end earlier. Well that's all well and good if you live on the water (as I have for some years) and can cherry pick but not everyone is so lucky. When I started out I had to make do with cheap bits, a long way upstream bits and back end of the season bits. If it wasn't for coloured fish well past their best I wouldn't have had anything.

That said my fish above is the most miserable and unappealing sea trout I have ever set eyes on. Look at the thing, it has more spots below the lateral line than above!