Improved water knot revisited


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Feb 14, 2008
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Improved Water Knot revisited[/h]
I note this has been up before but results were inconcusive. Gareth Jones a well served fly fisher talked about this knot in an Airflo Video released a year ago.The ''dropper'' knot appears to be a hybrid of the water knot and J Knot with two turns water knot followed by one turn J Knot to finish.I am pretty sure Gareth also implied he used the upper tag for the dropper which is usually a :eek:hno:. To cut to the chase I have tied this knot a number of times now in dry dock and it is very strong, neat and the dropper stands proud as you like using 8lb 0.25mm tippet as I did.Now I am died in the wool fig 8 knotter but I make pre looped droppers independently using fig 8 as a stop knot to achieve the stand off effect I prefer and it works.No reason to change one might think but always like to learn new methods.Pretty sure given his experience Gareth would not be using this knot if not up to scratch.Food for though as always.Segment is 11.04 min in on the YouTube video.