Info all about "The Goldenloch"


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Nov 30, 2009
Its nearly October 2020, recently we have had mases of requests for information about what we do here at the “Goldenloch”, our prices, rules, what we do, so the following I hope covers as much of these topics, The Goldenloch is a family owned and operated FLY FISHING LOCH, it was developed around 1984 / 85, my parents were super keen anglers especially my dad, it was his intention that this loch which was named after the “Goldenhill” the last hill in the Ochil range of hills, it would be a place that anglers could come and enjoy, relax by going fishing, without interference, or being bossed by Bailiffs or the loch operators / Managers, he was a regular at Loch Fitty, Loch Leven, Butterstone, he felt that often the best daily fishing would be missed as the sessions operated by the fisheries usually stipulated leaving the water after a set time, usually after 6 to 8 hours, so we here at the Goldenloch really don’t mind if people overstay the time paid for, our most popular session is £15 for a ½ day Catch and release, this seems to suit nearly everyone and often covers clients for up to 6 hours, those wishing to stay longer can do so by paying £20, as was done on Saturday passed by 2 lads who fished from 8am till 8pm, the only other popular ticket is our kill ticket which is £20 for the first 2 fish caught and Killed ( sure this never happens ) is usually 5 > 6 hours can be longer! Often is, we operate a fishery that is BOAT or BANK, there is no extra charge for using a boat, all our boats are 4 meters long, equipped with oars and anchors, they have ample room ( 2 meter distancing is easy ), are easily accessible from our harbour area, to which you can take your car right up to the boat, this allows, of loading fishing gear, motors etc, cars are then returned to the car park, bank anglers, can if required get their cars to where they want to fish, this mostly suits those that are elderly or those that have bad hips or knees, our jetties have ample room and are in no way crammed together, tables and seating is available around the loch, all this is sanitised daily by approved disinfectant, Anglers can if they wish change from bank to boat or vice versa if there is available places, SAFETY is a key factor here, we have 20+ instant inflate lifejackets and Goggles to be used on windy days by all especially under 16 year olds, placed around the loch are life rings with ropes, we ask that anglers remain seated and if they are using their own seats that they are firmly secured to the boat,

BASIC RULES are mostly common sense, however as a guide

  1. Social distancing must be adhered to, please park sensibly giving ample room.
  2. Hand sanitiser and disinfectant sprays are available.
  3. Barbless Hooks only, Fish must not be handled or brought onto land or boat if they are to be released, only killing fish allows hands on
  4. Own Nets to be disinfected at net station or use our nets which are available around loch.
  5. No trawling is permitted nor boat movement by an electric outboard once anchored anglers can fish.
  6. Drifting is permitted only when there is no risk of interfering with other anglers.
  7. Bank anglers have priority over boat, therefore require casting distance.
  8. Please take rubbish home not into the loch
  9. Mains water toilet facilities and electric kettle microwave are in the Lodge.

What we wish is that Patrons visiting here have a pleasant and interesting day, the Goldenloch has abundant wildlife, it is in a tranquil setting easily available in Central Scotland, we just want clients to enjoy catching the finest fish we can buy, Rainbows, Browns and some Blue Trout, Future plans include a new wildlife area and a new much more up to date toilet/ lodge including a food preparation area