Inportant read For ALL FISHERIES in Scotland


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Nov 30, 2009
Hi everybody
So basically I had a phone conversation today with Wendy Chamberlain, it was good and as I have applied for a 10 grand {SBBS} small business bonus scheme Grant, which is administered by your local authority, in my case that is Fife, this scheme is throughout Scotland, Administered by other local authorities, it is all to do with the rates on your fishery, at the moment I have store ( So It Says) which is rated, if I could remember I would tell you how much, but I have no idea, however we do get a rural relief, which means that what we pay to the rates Department is 0, this bill is issued annually to the owners of the Loch, Lake or pond whatever it is, it is owners responsibility to pay the rates, the same as in a house rates, now because we pay this rate we can claim for these grants, because of the coronavirus COVID-19 they are making special dispensation to the claimants, And this is where the government just put the money to be useful, I have no idea how much they are going to give me but I'm hoping it will be the full amount
I must thank Andy Richardson I owe him a favour now, it was him that put Wendy Chamberlain on to me, with these things you need an introduction, he gave me that introduction.
Now, say for example you only rent the premise that you run your fishing business on, Lets call it puddledub, so the owner is Lord Naff, he pays the rates, you pay the rent, you need to get in touch with Lord Naff (Politely, Asking if there is a rate and the rural relief on the rate on Puddledub) tell him that you need to do you deal with him, as you pay the rent, And at the moment you have no income, that you would like to claim this ten K grant, as your fishing business is temporally suspended because of the COVID 19, he should cooperate he can't claim for the grant because he doesn't have the business, you need the two things together, you need the rural relief on the rates which he will be claiming and you need the business you then go to the rates section on your local authority website, fill in a very simple form accompanying it with a letter and some bank statements this should see you get 10 k, I hope this is of some assistance, because, if you are like me all of you will be wondering what's gonna happen next, cause this thing is not gonna to go away, I would hope that there will be further grants, later in the year, I spoke to Wendy about this and she agreed, so could other fisheries reading this please share on your Facebook web page or your fishery web page so as that fisheries the whole of Scotland get to see how to do this
Cheers lads in anticipation of 10 k
By the way this is not just limited to fisheries any business in Scotland that has rateable value attached to it, should be eligible for something.