Invertebrate destruction


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May 7, 2010
Just as an aside, if anyone is considering not wading I'd seriously recommend the experiment, I rarely fish a river but a couple of seasons ago I stopped wading, you get a very different perspective and it takes a different approach, there are times when you can't cover a good fish but it forces you to be stealthy and there are surprises, one memorable example is a corner on the river Clyde, if wading you would approach this from downstream and gradually edge up till within casting distance of the main pool, approaching this without waders took ages(crawling) but once in place(now right on the bank opposite where the fly would land) I had fish rising close enough to watch them and I saw one trout bigger(3lb) than I have ever seen in that pool, it was rising only 10' away completely unspooked, I never had that when wading.


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Oct 28, 2007
Good point. I have been struck by how much the freshwater anglers' outfit has changed. Waders are also worn even if not wading, it seems.
Reminds me of a chap I was guiding on the Test a few years ago. He came to the hut on what was going to be a very hot mid-summer day wearing chest waders. I told him that A) We didn't wade on that beat, and B) If he tried it he would undoubtedly disappear as the water was 6' deep for the most part straight off the bank.

His response was that he always wore chest waders when fishing. Oddly enough, by lunchtime with the temperature heading towards 30 degrees, he decided it was RATHER hot and changed into light boots. All his clothes from chest level down were soaked in sweat.