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Mar 14, 2011
Attached is a letter that I have been sending out to various clubs in Scotland. If you are a member of a club and you are looking for a new water to fish why not drop us a line and take advantage of our offer.

If this is posted in the wrong place please remove and accept my apologies.


Dear Sirs,

We here at Clubbiedean Fishery would like to invite you to our open day to
be held at the beginning of the 2015 season. Due to our being set in the
midst of the Pentland Hills our opening day will be set closer to the time
but is usually around the 1st April each year. Should you wish to take up
our offer then we will be in touch again closer to the start of the season
with a set date.

Clubbiedean Fishery as is today was the brainchild of Rudy Anderson and
Alex Burgess, two competition anglers who fished for the Old Hoppy fishing
club which latterly became the Edinburgh City Fishing Club. As the
recession hit, the club fell into financial difficulties, finding the
travel expenses associated with the club too great a cost to bear. When
they became aware that the lease was available for Clubbiedean they noted
interest and eventually took over the lease, hoping to use the water as a
base for the club with a view to cutting costs and having a base for their

Taking over the management of Clubbiedean Fishery in 2012 from the previous
owners, Dooks Fisheries who also ran Glencourse RSV, our initial intention
was to run Clubbiedean Fishery as a club water to combat the ever
increasing costs involved in club fishing.

What we inherited was a fishery that, although established, was left to
develop on its own. The previous owners had stocked the reservoir with
Rainbow, Blue and Brown trout and offered two boats. It is unclear from
the records that were passed on what stocking policy was in place. What
was clear, however, was the fishery itself had not seen maintainance of any
sort for some time. The banks were overgrown which made the platform,
which had been erected to give access to the water for disabled anglers,
inaccessible. The two boats that were left were rotted through and the
portacabin structure that had been used as a store room was infested with

Prior to opening our doors in 2012 we set about making the fishery more
accessible and installed three new boats disposing of the old ones that
were beyond repair. We installed a caravan in place of the old shed and
cut back all of the banks on the North side of the fishery enabling bank
fishing from the north east as well as allowing easy access to the
platform. We stocked the water initially with 1.5 – 3lb fish and let them
settle in whilst completing the landscaping. We improved signage at the
fishery and set up facebook and twitter accounts as well as a website to
let the general angling public know that Clubbiedean was back in action.

In the year or so that we have been running the fishery we have installed
six boats, have cut back the banks to allow access for both able bodied and
less able anglers to fish from. We run Clubbiedean on a day to day basis
from a small caravan which is all that Scottish Water will allow us to
utilise, however, steps are afoot to have a larger lodge built.

We have a solid stocking policy in place, with records available upon
request. We currently stock only Rainbow and Blue trout from 1.5 lbs to
double figures. We believe that there is no requirement to stock brown
trout as you will see for yourself, the reservoir holds more than it’s fair
share of wild brown trout.

Clubbiedean fishery is one of only three within the confines of the city of
Edinburgh. What we offer is peace and tranquillity and the closest you
will find to fishing a hill loch in the far north of Scotland right on the
door step of the residents of Edinburgh. We offer a friendly approach to
all, from beginner to experienced anglers alike. With boats for hire with
or without electric engines and anchors, wide open bank spaces for anything
up to 20 anglers at a time, equipment for hire and, with advance notice, a
bespoke fly tying service. With complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits
there is always someone there to offer advice on best tactics, flies and
areas of the reservoir for a great day out.

Last season saw us taking on more and more bookings, with several
competitions held including a competition set by Total Flyfisher, in which
two of our members were featured. We offer a variety of ticket options as
well as seasonal memberships. We offer enhanced rates to the over 65’s,
unemployed, Armed forces, Emergency Services and Angling Clubs.

More information can be found on either our website, (
Clubbiedean fishery Home) or our Facebook Page ( fishery) or if you would prefer you can
contact Rudy Anderson on 07549411074.

If you are interested in taking up our offer them please contact me by way
of return with contact details for your club and i will be in touch to
arrange your visit.

Tight Lines for the coming Season

Euan Durie


Clubbiedean Fishery