John Watts event


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Nov 9, 2009
South of England
Seems like nobody else has bothered, but I think it would be churlish not to, so here goes. BTW has anyone seen or shot a churl recently? Nevermind.
We're talking the John Watts competition held at the very excellent Draycote Water on the 25th of August. The only ones who weren't really 'up for it' were the trout. The water temperature actually dropped to 19 degrees C on the day, but not low enough for the fishing to go mad. (although that must surely happen soon!).
Big shout out to the Draycote crew, and especially to the Flydressers' Guild's own Chris Reeves and Caroline Emmet. Collectively, these luminaries ensured an excellent day for the participants despite the weather gods' unleashing three squalls which all but filled the boats. Despite the water temperature fish were caught: I think the winning team of four had twenty-six between them! Then again, four anglers are not going to come all the way from bonnie Scotland to just faff about in damp boats, are they? Well done.
Our branch (naming no names) entered for the first time in years, and despite our lack of the requisite skillsets we thoroughly enjoyed our day. Best of all, John Watts was there to hand out the prizes - yes, the John Watts, founder of the Guild forty-something years ago. Who said MBE? Come on you politicos, do something righteous for once!
Seriously, give some consideration to the John Watts next year, it will be well publicised in the Flydresser magazine and remains very much worthy of support from all Guild members and branches, it's a social affair and a competition, a rare combination.