Kharlovka week 23 ending Friday 9 June 2017


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Jul 8, 2014
Following a frigid opening week of the season, and with cold late spring conditions predicted to continue through into the second week, we decided early on to limit the number of guests down to our three amigos Chuck – Ulrich and Thomas to allow more of the snow to melt and the rivers to fully open up.

Thankfully the forecast was underestimated for our last guests and like unexpected gift the days gradually warmed through a mostly sunny week with air temps from 5 to 15C. As a result, the rivers rose nearly 60cm from a winter low 14cm level to 73cm on the home pool scale. With plenty snow and ice still about, water temps will remain cold through at least the next week or so as they have only risen slightly over recent days from 0.1 to 0.5C

The cold low conditions held the salmon back during the first couple days however in the end the boys persevered and were duly rewarded with that hard cold silver that they had travelled so far to find.

Congrats to our Swiss friend Ulrich who showed great skill and a bit of luck not getting broke off during his ice dance along the bank – going onto land the first fresh 14 pound springer of the season on the Litza Military pool.

In the end it all seem to come right for our good buddy Chuck who in addition to finding the first osenka from the home pool went on to intercept back to back to back sea liced beauties off the lower Kharlovka.

And good things come to those who wait – just ask Ulrich who landed this cracking bright chrome 24 pounder with super photos for the fans back home off the lower Litza.

The recent warm temps are reducing the snowpack and the rivers are rising away together with our expectations. With good numbers of fresh salmon being observed rolling in on the lower rivers we are of course excited for what lies ahead.

Justin and Dasha

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