Late Intro


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Feb 25, 2014
Bayou La Batre, Alabama, USA
I was looking at the introduction threads and realized I never posted one when I joined back in 2014. So here goes.

I've fished since as far back as I can remember. Fly fished a bit in my teens for warm water panfish just for fun. Worked as a commercial fisherman and shrimper from when I was in high school until around the age of 30. Moved on to work in the oil industry for the next 28 years. I've worked abroad in that industry for the last 8 years of my career. I've seen a lot of the world due to my work and am thankful for the myriad of opportunities I've experienced. I'm now retired. I've fly fished now exclusively for the past 5 years. Got in to the sport seriously back in 2011. I don't do the saltwater thing anymore. I live on the north central coast of the Gulf of Mexico. I've fished for and caught pretty much everything imaginable in this body of water. Nothing more for me there. I thoroughly enjoy fishing the mountain rivers and streams for trout. Even thought the species is the same, each destination and fishing condition is different so each is a new learning experience. Not really that much in to the lake fishing scene. Nothing against it, just not of my interest. I enjoy the relaxation and sense of accomplishment of tying my own flies. I love to travel to new and different fishing destinations here in the US often. I don't think anyone could possibly fish them all in a dozen lifetimes. Though now I do all of my traveling from ground level. Flying 10K miles per month over the past 8 years has taken the lure from flying and seeing things from above. I prefer the drive and enjoying the scenery of the ride. Since I'm retired, I'm not in a hurry to get where I'm going anymore. ;0 I'm not a big fan of crowds so I do very little summertime fishing. Most of my fishing is done late September through late April. The majority November - March.

I enjoy the outdoors and nature. I love experiencing nature with my camera, fly fishing gear, archery and guns. My childhood and roots are deep in the swamps of southeast Louisiana.