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Aug 8, 2008
River Reports from Atlantic Salmon Federation


There were reports from Quebec rivers of very good runs of large salmon. In the Gaspé region, counts carried out in July indicated good numbers of salmon on the Dartmouth and York rivers, but few grilse. To July 13, the Matane River had a run of 537 (505 salmon) compared to 431 fish last year at the same time. The Grand Cascapedia River is having a good run of salmon, and July is shaping up to be a very good angling month, with a 90% release rate.

Numbers were pretty disappointing on the Little Cascapedia and Grande rivers. The fish being caught though are a good size, averaging around 17 lbs. Fresh fish showed up with a bump in the water on July 13. The Bonaventure River was fishing well.

On the Lower St. Lawrence, fewer fish (297) had been caught on the Matapedia than last year (458). The season on the Causapscal River ended on July 15. Anglers saw and caught many large salmon, a few more than in 2008.

On the North Shore St. Lawrence, catches were down to 155 (133 salmon) this year on the Godbout from 222 (71 salmon) last year.


The Penobscot River is having another encouraging year. As of July 13, a total of 1,822 salmon had been trapped at Veazie compared to 1,904 in 2008 as of the same date.

Nova Scotia

The water was low by July 12 on the Cheticamp, Margaree and Sackville rivers and temperatures were beginning to warm, slowing the fishing. No river was producing really well, but there were reports of fish in the estuaries and near river mouths, waiting for the water to rise. Water levels on the Lahave were still fishable. The St. Mary’s had some good fishing in the lower pools.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Central Newfoundland rivers were the hot spot for good fishing. There were strong runs on the Exploits and Campbellton rivers. Counts on these two rivers were better than the 5-year average (2004 – 2008). The Gander count had decreased slightly to July 12.

Counts on Middle Brook and Terra Nova rivers were about the same as last year and the Northwest River was showing a significant increase.

The Bay St. George rivers had poor water and fishing. Fish were spotted in the tidal areas.

Harry’s River had picked up a bit by July 14, with good signs of fish. The count was slightly down from the previous 5-year average.

The Serpentine, Humber and Lomond rivers had good water levels and temperatures. Anglers were seeing far fewer fish then last year.

The counts on the Torrent River and Western Arm Brook had decreased significantly compared to last year.

The Avalon Peninsula rivers had low water and warm temperatures. Still there were some salmon and good fishing.

In southern Labrador, water on the Pinware River was high with few fish taken, although there were signs of fish in the tidal pools. The Eagle River had low water and slow fishing. Water on the Forteau River was low. Counts at the Sand Hill, Muddy Bay Brook and Paradise rivers were small fractions of last year.

New Brunswick

By July 16, the good run of salmon to the Miramichi River continued and grilse runs were picking up. Anglers were catching and releasing salmon in the 20 to 30 lb. range on the Main Southwest Miramichi in high, but very fishable waters.

On the Northwest Miramichi, angling results were variable with some pools fishing well. Big salmon were taking advantage of good water levels to swim upstream, generally not stopping to take flies.

The Little Southwest Miramichi had high, but fishable waters. The Sevogle River was fishing very well as water levels dropped.

Salmon counts for the Miramichi were indicating the same or higher than last year, except for the Northwest Protection Barrier that was down by half. Grilse numbers were small fractions of last year’s counts.

Anglers on the Restigouche River were still experiencing better fishing in the upper reaches as salmon took advantage of high water to go quickly upstream. Salmon counts on the Upsalquitch River were up from 107 in 2008 to 173 and grilse counts were way down (53 compared to 369 last year).

To see more details on individual rivers and counting fence data, go to and click on river counts or river reports under Summer 2009 – Special Links at the top of the page.

Best wishes for good fishing in the days and weeks ahead.

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