Loch Tay


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Dec 10, 2007
Central Scotland
Hi Guys

Yesterday fished Loch Tay for the first time this season, and first time i float tubed it, dam its deep !! However once i found shallower bays and gently sloping drop off's combined with casting into collections of leaf litter etc i found fish :D

I killed 10 rainbows from 11.5" -13.5"/ best 14.5" very strong little guys , jumping, rolling, diving, great sport :) I hooked and lost 4 more rainbows and lost 1 brownie................

All "bites" / "takes" were very gentle indeed and they only seemed to want a very slow fig 8 borbering on stactic

Flys ?

6 on a size 10 Clan Chief

3 on a size 14 sparse Kate

1 (biggest) on a size 10 Leven spider

First cast with a size 10 anorexic black PTN i hooked a cracking rainbow but sadly lost it as it just went ballistic :D the brownie was hooked on the same fly.

I was expecting a hard day but turned out to be great sport. Glad to say were were told to kill ALL RAINBOWS when we bought our permits £5
Water was gin clear and as a tuber i can tell you its getting cooler ;)