Looking for gr70 third section


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Jun 18, 2006
They don’t make the gr 70 anymore will give a discount on gr80 instead
Sorry to hear that. I would have thought they would keep a few spares.
I get the impression that batches are ordered from the far east and when they have gone that is the end. They move on to the next marketing ploy.
I have found KP Spares very good for spare sections for Shakespeare rods. I have bought spare sections for Agilty rods. I had two sections fail on the girlfriend's 4 piece Trion. I replaced them with Agility sections. They fit well enough. So the rod has green first and third sections and black second and fourth sections. It looks odd but works very well. I quite like the rod.
So it might be worth considereing a Shakespeare section. They might even send you one on approval to fit! Last section was £15. Give them a ring or email.
Better to have an odd section than throw the rod away.
Just a thought.