Lough Conn 2019


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Mar 12, 2017
Just back from my annual trip to lough Conn. The bright sun shine and cold north westerly wind made for difficult fishing this year. I had four days out on the lough and covered many miles of water with my friend Noel. This year was the first time in many a year I didn’t get wet, four days in the west of Ireland unheard of.
The first two days we fished the west side of lough, from Coleman’s shallows up to Castle hill bay. There was an odd mayfly coming off the water and some small olives. But for all our efforts we could only get small fish pulling wets. There were plenty of them but I think the bright conditions had put the better fish down. Still it’s a nice place to be out fishing and there is always a lot of nature to be seen. This fella payed us a visit during our lunch break.DSC00050.jpg

On the third day we went down the east side of the lough. We fished past Rinmore Point, all the way down past the cormorant rocks to sandy bay. Very much as the two previous days lots of small fish up to the ¾ bl but still none of the better fish. At around 5pm we went to shore for a brew and a bite to eat. The first place we pulled in we upset a Lapwing that was nesting nearby, so we moved down a bit. Once a shore I got the fire lit and put the kettle on, then sorted out the bacon & sausages while Noel phoned a friend of ours Steven.DSC00053.jpg

Steven is a good local angler who we have known since he was a lad. Steve recommended we stayed out late to fish the spent gnat. So that’s what we did but unfortunately around 8pm the wind got up and it went cold. When we got back in we called round to see Steve and have a chat. He reckoned our best bet was to fish the evening, as tomorrow forecast was for light wind and bright sun. In fact he was going out himself when he finished work and we could tag along. So we arranged to meet him in Cloghans bay at 6:30pm. We decided to go up the estuary during the day to spin for Sea Trout.
A lovely sunny day with the odd fish splashing but none interested in our offerings. Unfortunately Noel had some family matters to attend to that evening so couldn’t go out. I meet Steven at 6:30 as arranged and helped set up the boat. We headed off a cross the lough to Bog bay arriving there around 7pm. It didn’t look good when we started to fish with a stiff cold breeze blowing down the lough. We set up with a couple of small spent mayfly patterns, more in hope than anticipation. But the wind dropped and suddenly we saw small numbers of mayfly fluttering down onto the water. Steve was the first in to fish as the as they responded to the mayfly DSC00056.jpg
I missed my first to but eventually got one to stick. During the next to 2 hours we both had a couple of fish and both got broken twice. We saw some very big fish break the surface. As darkness fell the buzzer started to hatch and the bay boiled with fish. But by now it was too dark to change flies as we didn’t have a torch. So we made our way back to Cloghans bay arriving there around 11:00pm
If you are thinking of going to Conn give the evening ago but do take torch and some buzzer patterns. If the conditions are right the fishing can be top draw:D
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Mar 16, 2009
Ards peninsula
Well done and great pics. Im just back myself from a few days on the lake . We fished four days from Sunday last and got fish on all days though there are still many small fish about. Tuesday and Wednesday were excellent with plenty of 12 inch plus fish. Wed in particular was a nasty wet windy day but great fishing . I had 8 fish over 12 inches and was broken twice...Will have to use stronger line.... Fished mainly the top end of the lake from Castle Island to Deel bay