Lovely couple of hours on the lower Mondego


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May 18, 2006
Coimbra, Portugal
A nice push of water when I got there at around 4 pm today with the water still comfortable for wet wading. I set up a kink and dink, second cast I hooked a mullet of about a pound. As I was playing him I saw a big tail waving at me about 20 yards further upstream. Covered him and got a take, but came off and afterwards caught another mullet of about a pound. Another tail appeared in a few inches of water near the bank, I covered it an this time he stuck and took off across the river. After a few anxious moments when he seemed to have snagged in some rocks, he was beached, a lean muscular fish of about 4 lb. Got a bit further upstream and the second fish took out of nowhere, screamed off across the rapids and got me into the backing. He was a bit fatter and heavier. As the sun was setting, the last fish took the nymph in very shallow water, again tore off across the river and was into the backing in no time. I estimate he was about 5 1/2 lb. There was still some daylight, but I was fully happy and content for the day. What a river!


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Aug 1, 2009
I’ve caught Andalucian barbel on dry fly near Ronda on the Rio Guadiaro and Comizo barbel (well, one Comizo on ...a boilie! ) in Castilla la Mancha in one of the lagoons at Ruidera. These do grow large particularly the latter. I’m very interested in your Mondego barbel that are a different species I think; I spent a week at Gois near Coimbra a few years ago but had trouble finding any good fishing.

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