Marryat Tactical 10' #4 LX vs HX 10' #3-4


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May 17, 2010
Hi everyone,

I have the Tactical pro nymph special 10.6' #3 and I am quite happy with it, but I find myself wanting to throw dries with it quite often.
It can do it, but a bit longer, as a result it can be quite tiring for longer sessions.
However, I love the 9'6'' or 10' as it is very good for mending etc, but I am looking for something hat would still allow me to throw nymphs and dries with ease so I would not need to carry two rods on one of those days when you need to be ready for anything.
I predominantly fish Les Doubs in the Swiss part, which a very nice spring creek with a lot of pressure, where stealth is a must, small flies and equal proportions of sight nymphing, French nymphing and dry fly is what I need.
Which one would you recommend (if you tried them) between Tactical LX and HX? I am thinking 10' #4 LX or 10' #3-4 HX. Do you think 9.6' 3-4 from tactical pro series would be better overall and length-wise than a 10' #4? I also have a good 9'#4 rod in my arsenal.

Many thanks for sharing your experience/advice.


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Apr 15, 2008
Am not familiar with the marryatt brand, given the problems you mention I feel it's more length of rod that's your issue.

Crispness feeling in the rod for drys only comes with a shorter rod ie around 9ft.

Longer nymphing rods 10ft plus have softer actions just down to physics.

In simple terms a small stick has a lot less bend than a longer stick.

I spoke with a sage direct with specialist in the rod Dept and said am wanting this model of sage 9ft etc I want the same feeling in a 10 ft version he told me it wasn't possible for the above reason.

Some smaller rods feel like a rapier very good for quick accurate casts on the river. But longer rods feel like floppy noodles in comparison.

Oh yeah got a 4-1 hanak and 9ft is dry fly anything longer is for nymphing ie if I add extra sections.
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Aug 21, 2009
Not So Greater Manchester.
I have no rods above 10ft (that could change!). However, I do have a Marryatt Tactical Pro 9.6ft 3/4. Not used it for nymphing alone but have used duo (dry and nymph) and dry only. Duo on a French leader and dry on as Varivas Airs dry fly leader. It worked very well though I wasn't casting any distance as such.
I have also used French leaders for nymphing only on shorter rods without difficulty. I hate having to take 2 rods and also dislike one rod that does multi lengths. It's what do you do with spare sections not in use? The rods don't feel quite right at any length, caught between sort of! :unsure: Some of this might be down to balance of rod and reel.


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Oct 27, 2010
I have the Tactical Pro Nymph, and the 9,6 3/4 Tactical Pro.
I have had the latter rod 3 years, and absolutely love it for dries and single or double nymph on an French leader. I only use the nymph 10.6 when fishing larger rivers in the winter for grayling.
The 9.6 #3/4 is not a compromise between dry and nymph, it really does both very well indeed. I hope this helps.