Maxcatch gold in the salt - useful head lengths

running bear

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Oct 23, 2009
North County Dublin
I've been using a maxcatch gold this last week chasing mullet and have found the longer head lengths really useful, not from a casting point of view, but from a fishing perspective.
Rrely targeting fish more than 20 yards away, the longer head of 48' with a 10' rod and 12' leader means i'm not handling the runing line at all, so tangling of flyline is virtually eliminated (I have lost fish on first runs to smalls knots in running line before)

I could use a DT or a long head, but a DT creates unnessasary hook pressure on a long run in a fast flowing estuary and I like full lines.

If I were to see bass about (which i didnt this week) a change of tippet and fly and i could utilise the running line to chuck it farther (this medium action rod is fairly overloaded on the full head to be fair)

All in all a good tool for the job, and a solution that was right under my nose. I will still use a line tray, but for the quick draw moreso than line management.

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