Maxcatch unic fiberglass 7'6" 3wt rod


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Jun 13, 2016
Having read so much about how good fibreglass rods are for small rivers, I wanted to try one, but didn't want to spend a lot of money in case I didn't like it. If you are in this position, then I can strongly recommend the above fly rod, currently available direct from Maxcatch for £55.76

First impressions were not that great. At 79g and swing weight of ~240g I thought it would be too heavy, but it balanced well with my Hardy ultralite 2000 reel with 3wt line and after 4h fishing I didn't tire at all. The purple colour seems bizarre but you don't notice it when fishing, and the fish don't seem to mind! It is made with the same technology that is used on the Epic rods that cost very much more, with a layer of fibreglass running the length of the rod. This technology has been around for decades so Maxcatch isn't breaking any patents. The handle is OK, better than most £100+ rods and the reel seat, though simple, keeps the reel on all day with no problem. It does feel stiffer than the E glass rod I tried before and didn't like, but still retains the soft action of a glass fibre rod.
I've tried it with both dry fly and NZ indicator nymphing. It took a while to get used to the dry fly, as I tended to cast too quick and the fly landed heavily. However slowing down and reining back my casting, the presentation was good. Most of my casting was only about 10-15 ft in front of the rod, but in some areas I had enough space to cast over 20ft in front and it cast like a dream. A lot of the time I have to roll cast and that also worked well. Bow and arrow casting was less good than with my Tenkara rod, I would say adequate, but I may need to optimise my leader for that. With the NZ indicator nymphing I used tungsten beaded nymphs from 2mm to 3mm and all worked well. I missed quite a few fish as I wasn't striking hard enough, which you need to do with the softer action rod. It is called a fast action rod, but it is all relative, a fast action for a glass fibre rod! In the end I caught 2 wild trout and 3 grayling, missed and lost a lot more, which is not bad for the river I was fishing.
So if you want an entry to glass fibre rod fishing, then this rod could be for you. If you like it, you could always trade up to, say, an Epic rod but as I've never tried one, I couldn't say how much better it would be.