Middle to tip rods.

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Nov 2, 2020
As soon as was big enough to hold a rod I fished small rivers with my dad and didn't have the first clue about rod action or weight or composition! The first new rod I got from santa when I was 8 or 9 was a 9ft #6/7 shakespeare glass rod and it was the only rod I used for about 30 years until I started fishing stillwater as well as the river! Ergo I spent too much money on rods I heard rumors about that are supposedly better for blah or blah and eventually found a modeen rod that I liked! A second hand greys 10ft 6" greyflex M2 #7/8 that I love and really enjoy using on a lake! ...I then broke it! ..... gutted.... i have a few other modern rods that according to spec are similar but just didn't enjoy using them as much as my M2 so one day just for interest I got my wee old glass rod out on the lake and was very surprised to find that it was far more comfortable to use and that I can cast just as far with it as I can with my longer faster action rods if I need to! Also a 2lb fish on it feels like a 6lb fish on a graphite rod! I've taken the notion to buy a new rod now but don't know what in hell to go for lol!


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Apr 5, 2014
West Sussex
Out of interest, have you tried any of the Greys Streamflex rods? I have the GR80 and would agree with your thoughts with the big improvement on the XF2 being that it’s much lighter and so even nicer to use!