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Nov 30, 2009
“Goldenloch” Fishing Report 2020
Phone; 01337840355, or 07968006367
Secchi-3.00 metres + Temperature 6.00 degrees - Oxygen is High
“The Goldenloch”
Well another really wet weekend, never ever have I seen the ground so wet, 35 years as a farmer where weather and conditions were vital to everyday life, 15 years as a Fishery Operator again weather conditions are all the main thing for a good days fishing, it really made this past weekend quiet, which if I am honest I was very happy about, two on Saturday, beginner Ali Radhi who was introduced to Fly Fishing by Grant McGregor a fellow teacher in Kirkcaldy, Ali has now been coming here for all of about 6 maybe 7 times and on Saturday he caught 6 fish and lost perhaps twice as much, he was accompanied on the loch by B Mitchell, normally in his float tube, but due to the exceptionally cold weather, water temperature, a boat was the preferred option and with 5 fish caught and returned again losing more than that, Sunday saw woof and Derry arrive before daylight at 7am and very quickly onto the water soon joined by George Duff, a long time regular and friend catching 8 using Black / Green, accompanied on the bank by N Fraser, here for the first time, reading the book it looks like he had a good day with 9 returned keeping 2, on a damsel fly, during the week some catches were Billy Moyes 4 returned using a yellow dancer, Drew Graham, 8 on a black Pennell, John Bowman 7 returned, Black/green, Les Cowan back after a break 9 returned, Some must think I am mad not wishing to be busy as a fishery, however during winter months, I see it as a bonus, anglers coming to fish, it is vastly more important that they the client, enjoy there day, that they have to think hard about getting the right strategy, line and flies to catch fish, the fish here are fighting fit, lots of grub in the water, easy caught using a blob bung or wotsits, but these guys arnt doing that they are enjoying Fly Fishing with wet flies some with small lures, however fisheries are all fighting for clients and anything goes, as long as it catches fish, where is it going soon the average catch on many places will be in the teens, is that then the competition to see who catches the most, we can only but wait to see.

BASIC RULES are mostly common sense, however as a guide,
Social distancing must be adhered too, please park sensibly giving ample room.
Hand sanitiser and disinfectant sprays are freely available.
Barbless Hooks only, Fish must not be handled, only killing fish allows hands on.
Own Nets to be disinfected at net station or use our nets which are available.
No trawling is permitted nor boat movement by an electric outboard.
Drifting is permitted only when there is no risk of interfering with other anglers.
Bank anglers have priority over boat, therefore require casting distance.
Please take rubbish home not into the loch

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