MRA Auction XIV Lot 18: Day for 1 Rod on Ling’s Water (Outside Mayfly)


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Sep 18, 2007
LOT 18

A day for one rod on one of the secretive middle beats of the Monnow – The Ling water. Lightly fished (no day tickets) and home to some rather ‘special’ fish – this is as good as Monnow fishing for wild brownies gets. Varied water with lots of prolific stretches - most people never get to see all of the water as the hatches can be extraordinary and the rising fish can keep you fixed in one stretch for hours. If the potential for a ‘special’ fish is your thing – this is the day’s fishing you always wanted. Mouth-watering is the only way to describe it.

To be taken before 15th May or after 15th June 2021

Kindly donated by Chris Ling.

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