MRA Auction XIV Lot 35: Twenty-Two Dry Flies from Gareth Lewis


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Sep 18, 2007
Lot 35

22 x Fly Box Quality Mix of Chironomid/Midge CdC Emergers, ranging from #16 to #20, tied by Gareth Lewis.

'Fly Box Quality', means just that. Straight-up, fishing-grade patterns that catch fish.

“These patterns are tied with the same high-quality materials I tie with during shows and events but are meant for fishing more than ogling. Get them wet.”

These are simply flies that work, and work year round.

If you’ve never owned a Gareth Lewis fly you will be amazed. His flies are so precise and consistent that, if it wasn’t for their soul, you would think they were tied by a robot!

Donated by Gareth Lewis