MRA Auction XIV Lot 39: The Barbless Spider Selection.


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Sep 18, 2007

LOT 39

The barbless Spider Selection, a selection of flies with a modern twist on some age old patterns (some date back over 400 years). These flies are tied with sparse hackles and thin profile bodies, just like the originals. Made famous fishing in the North Country of England by T E Pritt, these flies are great for early season trout and grayling. In total there are 16 flies supplied in our eco-friendly packaging. All of these flies are hand tied using barbless hooks, in sizes 16 and 18 using quality materials.

Pearl Spider. A dark spider pattern with a pearl body. Really good when the water is murky as the pearl body stands out, creating the trigger point for the fish. A great pattern for those early season days. This selection contains two each of sizes 14 & 16.

Partridge & Orange Spider. The most famous spider pattern? The Partridge and Orange Spider originated in the north country of England and was first described in T. E. Pritt's Yorkshire Trout Flies (1895). The Partridge and Orange resembles emerging caddis pupa, diving adult caddis or sunken may fly spinners. This selection contains two each of sizes 14 & 16.

Pearl Hot-Spot Spider. Just like the Pearl Spider, the Pearl Hot-Spot Spider is a dark spider pattern with a pearl hot-spot near the head of the fly. Great to use in clear water with spooky fish as the hot-spot creates that small trigger point. This selection contains two each of sizes 14 & 16.

Black Spider. Another great spider pattern for use in the early season coloured water, great teamed up with the Pearl Spider as a searching pattern. The brightly coloured red body really stands out in those early season rivers. This selection contains two each of sizes 14 & 16.

Kindly donated by Richard Fieldhouse, Barbless Fly Company

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