MRA Auction XIV Lot 40: The Barbless Dry Selection


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Sep 18, 2007

LOT 40

The Barbless Dry Selection, is a selection of 4 styles of commonly used dry flies (2 of each size - (14 & 16 for the Indicator Sedge, 16 & 18 for the others).

Indicator Caddis. A very versatile pattern, great fished as a single dry fly on a dead drift or as the dry in a duo/New Zealand set up, which has exceptional buoyancy and will suspend even the heaviest of nymphs. Selection contains two of sizes 12 and 14.

Elk Hair CDC. A sedge (or caddis) imitation. These have been tied with a small amount of CDC under the elk hair, which has exceptional buoyancy. This pattern can bring up even the most timid of fish when dead drifted through a pool. This selection contains two of sizes 16 & 18.

CDC Olive F-fly. A very well known and versatile fly. Can be used all year round in all light conditions. An excellent "go to" fly. Selection contains two of sizes 16 & 18.

CDC Olive Emerger. An excellent emerger pattern, with a CDC wing. This pattern is ideal to imitate the change from nymph to dun. Selection contains two of sizes 16 & 18.

Kindly donated by Richard Fieldhouse, Barbless Fly Company

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