MRA Auction XIV Lot 41: The Barbless Tungsten Grayling Sow Bug Selection


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Sep 18, 2007

LOT 41

The Barbless Tungsten Grayling Sow Bug Selection is a selection of 4 of the most popular styles of tungsten weighted Sow Bugs, all tied on jig hooks, we supply two of each Sow Bug in two sizes, in total there are 16 flies. All of these nymphs are tied using strong barbless jig hooks.

The inspiration for these Sow Bug Jigs came from the USA (where they are abundant in most watercourses and used prolifically by fly anglers), we thought the style of nymph and design would translate equally as well to nymphs here in the UK. These patterns work really well using the Euro Nymphing style - try putting the size 14 Sow Bug on the dropper with the size 18 on the point - that way you can fish both Sow Bugs close to the riverbed.

Our Selection contains two each of sizes 14 and 18 of each of the below Sow Bugs:

  • Dark Olive Sow Bug
  • Pink Sow Bug
  • Tan Sow Bug
  • Aphid Green Sow Bug
Kindly donated by Richard Fieldhouse, Barbless Fly Company
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