Nail Knot


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Mar 13, 2008
Nail knot

Use: Attaching backing to fly line

Description: This is a good knot to use to attach the end of the backing to the fly line. It can be tied with a nail or, more easily, with either a tube or a needle.


1. Take the reel-end of the fly line (marked 'this end to reel' in the case of a weight forward line), and lay your nail, tube or needle, with the eye of the needle or one end of the nail/tube alongside the line and level with the end of the line and the end of the backing.


2. If you tie this knot as a Nail Knot, the nail replaces the needle or tube and creates a space, through which you pass the end of the backing or line which you use to tie the knot.

3. Starting about 15mm from the end of the fly line, make six turns of the backing over itself, the nail, needle or tube and fly line, each turn working towards the end of the fly line.


4. Holding these turns, push the end of the backing either through the eye of the needle or into the tube. Now pull the needle or tube (and backing) through the turns, making sure that they don't unwind or slip.

5. Slide all the turns nearer the end of the fly line and, by pulling the standing end of the backing, tighten the knot firmly onto the fly line.

6. If the knot is not as close to the end of the line as you would like, cut the fly line carefully closer to the knot.