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Nov 30, 2009
“Goldenloch” Fishing Report 2020


Phone; 01337840355, or 07968006367

Secchi-0.6 metres + Temperature 4.40 degrees - Oxygen is High

“The Goldenloch”


Been another rubbish week this last week again, but guys are getting fish, the dirty water and fertiliser wash out from the neighbouring field just makes the water extremely coloured, however I am tackling that with another tried and tested cure, so we had put in a stock the week before, hoping to get some spectacular catches, that just didn’t happen, however the fish that are being caught the most just now, are the completely gorgeous Brown Trout, as most will know for three / four years, I have stocked at least one sometimes two loads of Brownies every year, when we put them in the water they hide, just feeding discreetly, however lately some absolute crackers have been caught, upwards of 4 lbs, all safely returned to get caught again, However it should be noted that the water here, is still stuffed with feeding, shrimp and Pee Mussels which are abundant, being Boat or Bank has a massive advantage and with our boats which are extremely easy to manoeuvre even although they are 5 meters in Length, guaranteeing social distancing, now more important than ever with the latest restrictions, Fishing is still allowed, it is uncanny how this virus is moving among us, but here at the Goldenloch I am very pleased by the anglers responsibility, no more than one in the lodge at a time, ( seriously important with the airborne virus ) staying away from others, only one boat to embark and disembark at a time, I tend to stay away from clients however I do still disinfect the boats daily

Price List 2021 at the “Goldenloch” stays exactly the same as last year, which is, -

Catch and Release Only, Barbless Hooks, minimal handling ½ day, 4 hrs £15, purely catch and release All day, 8 hrs £20, purely catch and release

KILL TICKETS ½ day, 4 hrs £20, for first 2 fish caught then catch and release All day, 8 hrs £25, for first 3 fish caught then catch and release

There is no charge for boats, bring your own electric motor and battery if you wish. Disinfectant dip available.

Covid-19 and fishing

BASIC RULES are mostly common sense, however as a guide,

Social distancing must be adhered too, please park sensibly giving ample room.

Hand sanitiser and disinfectant sprays are freely available.

Barbless Hooks only, Fish must not be handled, only killing fish allows hands on.

Own Nets to be disinfected at net station or use our nets which are available.

No trawling is permitted nor boat movement by an electric outboard.

Drifting is permitted only when there is no risk of interfering with other anglers.

Bank anglers have priority over boat, therefore require casting distance.

Please take rubbish home not into the loch


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