New to rivers.


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Hi all..... New to the forum so take it easy on Meir I've missed a thread with answering already.

I've been fly fishing for around two years now and doing well. Since I live only a stones throw (literally) from the Taff at Llandaff North I'd love to be able to just grab my gear and walk on down.

I fish light for still waters anyway (4# and 5#) so my kit I think would be fine for the Taff. So my main questions are..

Who runs the water around Llandaff North etc is it Glamorgan anglers?

Is there anyone that people know of who guides the river that maybe able to show me the ropes a bit as a newcomer.

Cheers in advance. :-D


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Hi Gruffalo and welcome to the forum.
Your're 4wt gear will be fine for the Taff. Not sure who controls that stretch, i'm sure some of the Taff regulars will inform. It could well be GAC, or Bute Anglers.
Rivers will get under your skin, take the plunge- you'll never look back:thumbs: