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May 19, 2012
None of the above anglers are fishing guides...obviously.
Who make a good living from international anglers.
But id feel the same, and do. Marks I fished a few years ago for sea bass on my own are regularly over populated if that's what you want to call it.
Due to the massive rise in fly fishing and lure fishing for them.
Mostly because of YouTube and forums like this.


Jan 13, 2019
I travel to NZ very occasionally (expensive) to visit in-laws and take kids to see grandparents. Nice to get some fishing done when I'm there.

I think most of the 'pressure' is from Aussie/US anglers if its counting overseas anglers. But, I think it is a little shortsighted to bemoan international anglers.

For one, they directly add a commercial value to the fishing. Some NZ rivers are not as green as the marketing suggests: they've the same issues with agriculture as elsewhere. I've been lucky to get cheap fishing for trout in Iceland (its cheap if you look around and aren't after Salmon) and frankly the fishing was every bit as good as New Zealand. It isn't as if travelling anglers don't have options.

Without international anglers the economics swing even more toward agriculture, so I think some anglers are missing the point if they want good quality angling. Or think they'll keep it without the economic benefit angling tourism provides.

I do think things like limiting helicopter access would be good and a way of keeping some of those places pristine.

I used to (when it was still in print) subscribe to Fish and Game - they had some miserable old sod of a contributor there - used to bemoan 'foreign' anglers and later in life whinged his ass off about Moari language being used more often - of course it turned out the old b-----d wasn't a Kiwi after all and actually an immigrant from Northern Ireland. The irony.

Some people in NZ should remember they and their families are relatively new to the place themselves.

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