Newton Fishery near Wormit 24/11/2020 C&R session


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Aug 29, 2012
Weather forecast terrible but headed up to Newton anyway (there is no such thing as bad weather there is only bad clothing )
Driving rain till north of Kinross and the weather changed ,the sun came out . Arrived at Newton for a perfect day it is well sheltered from the elements, you would not think it was the same County ..Temperature 9C wind from the north east cloudy with intermittent sun , water clarity about 4 feet . Special deal on just now 6 hours for £10. Bargain !
Plenty of wild life on the loch and the odd fish turning over . I work my way round the pegs and take a fish at the back of the island . there are 5 anglers on the loch today taking fish have the odd pull on the cormorant tail fly I take another on the bothy side of the loch . I only have time for 4 hours today but it is well worth looking in if you are in the area .Plenty of friendly advice from John Callison at the bothy