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Nov 30, 2009
“Goldenloch” Fishing Report 2020
Phone; 01337840355, or 07968006367
Secchi-0.5 metres + Temperature 8.00 degrees - Oxygen is Med/High
“The Goldenloch”
We thought the crazy weather was over, obviously not, starting last Monday we had a really bright cloudless day and the fish just dropped to the floor, now let me just explain our fish behave like trout should in that they arnt stockies expecting to be fed every day, so when its bright they go down to where there is an overabundant supply of food, A lot of guys don’t fish for the conditions and expect to get feeding fish of the surface, but this is October and fish are eating just now, deep down, some anglers in reservoirs will really struggle as they have been used to getting fish high up in the water, we are stocking a load of fish tomorrow Monday 05th to stir things up a bit, more for the bank anglers as the bank fishing has been poorish however Eck and Andrew had 9 each again on Thursday, Tuesday saw a frost -1 and a East wind again playing hell with the fishing, however from the bank others have had a great time, Mike Farrell who only fishes dry flies had 2 on one of his quick one hour visits, Ronnie Henderson had 3 using bloodworms and buzzers on the top jetty in a very wind session, Brian Imrie caught a Brownie I would imagine using a dry fly, others have done really well in this past very challenging week Rod Thaw 11, Derek Robertson had 12, Jock Anderson had 3, after the huge rainfall on Saturday night the water was coloured a bit and I was surprised to be see a busy day with 10 in boats and 3 on the bank, everyone on the boats had fish 3,4,5,s being caught also there were fish being seen in most areas, the disappointment was for the bank anglers, but after all that rain the dirt and crap being washed into the water must have been huge, with new fish coming today it is my intention to put then in where they will best help the bank angling especially since Kapt Kemp, Neil Christie, Billy Moyles and some others are expected to turn up, Lol.
Fly Fishing is one of life’s oldest leisure activities, A Pastime, it is not only relaxing, it is rewarding for the mind and soul, come to the “Goldenloch” enjoy your Hobby to the max, no stress, only peaceful surroundings abundant wildlife, great fish, Brown, Blues and Rainbows, you will not be disappointed. Phone 01337840355 or 07968006367 ask for John or look up the Postcode KY14 6HZ

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