Not like a real fishing Season this 2020


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Nov 30, 2009
“Goldenloch” Fishing Report 2020
Phone; 01337840355, or 07968006367
Secchi-2.50 metres + Temperature 5.00 degrees - Oxygen is High
“The Goldenloch”
It tough times fishing, for a few guys just now, it’s cold, windy, sometimes wet, however for those that persevere by trying a few different methods and ideas, they usually come up with the right thing, and success, today Iain Wallace, Kinglassie, (woof) arrived at the crack of dawn as usual, was on the water pretty smart, first cast saw him into and catch a fish, however the next couple of hours saw nothing, but later a nice bright sun, a change of line changed all that, and his day got better much better, 7 returned, a lot more than that lost, George Duff, Methil, after an amazing days fishing last week returned today, his first one caught had a fair few bloodworms attached, indicating that the fish are lying on the bottom, he ended up with 2 for 6lbs, plus 6 returned, Ali Radhr, Kirkcaldy, had 2 for 5lbs plus 4 returned using a gold head damsel, B Mitchell, 5 rainbows returned also a brown trout, A Cuthbert and A Morgan, both fishing from the bank had 7 each, also a lot lost, Andrew commenting that one of the rainbows a very fit 3 lb fish, had a mouth full of pee muscle and blood worms, all available in the ground hugging weed that is covering the loch floor just now. Drew Graham, Kennoway had another successful days fishing with 5 fish all returned, Les Cowan with a friend arriving on a not very pleasant day, managed 7 between them Les saying that they had a great day, just a bit cold, bad news that a fishery has closed in Fife, which is pretty hard for the operator, sad because the landlord system for fisheries sucks, it’s not that many years ago that most fisheries closed for the winter in October, then didn’t reopen till |March, the fishery in question used to be like that, indeed the operator then is now the landlord, he knows that it is hard to make ends meet, but fisheries need income, hence the competitions etc, but that itself takes a lot of customers from other fisheries, anglers need to wise up and see that someday they may end up with just a few fisheries, that would be a sad day for everyone, but rents will keep rising the more successful a place becomes, the bigger the rent, prices will rise, going fishing will become a luxury, instead of a pastime.

BASIC RULES are mostly common sense, however as a guide,
Social distancing must be adhered too, please park sensibly giving ample room.
Hand sanitiser and disinfectant sprays are freely available.
Barbless Hooks only, Fish must not be handled, only killing fish allows hands on.
Own Nets to be disinfected at net station or use our nets which are available.
No trawling is permitted nor boat movement by an electric outboard.
Drifting is permitted only when there is no risk of interfering with other anglers.
Bank anglers have priority over boat, therefore require casting distance.
Please take rubbish home not into the loch


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