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I've been fishing on private fisheries in rct for about 2 years. I've wanted to try fly and general river fishing for a while so I bought a fly rod and wanted to fish my local section of the taff.

I assumed that the taff just being the local river on public land was free for anyone to fish. Then while looking into river tactics etc I've started to see various information that suggests the river is 'owned' and maintained by organisations that you have pay??

The other thing that its cooking my swede is off and on season. I can't get my head around the rules regarding when I can and can't fish for different species. All the information I've read regarding rules on this seem very overly complicated.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Fyi my 'local' stretch of the taff would be from around Pontypridd to upperboat + a couple of miles up and down stream

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You should be able to find the byelaws on google for the river you intend to fish, this will tell you the season dates for each species etc.

Generally speaking as I don't know your river but a lot of the rivers are owned by private clubs. You might be able to find some free fishing but this may not be suitable for the fly or close by.

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No prob. Your best bet is to google the name of the river along with a term like "fishing" or "angling" club . Or ask here.


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The section below the ospreys section near the screwfix lower section does that belong to any club and if not.... Can you fish it as the gent suggested as public water? Because that area seems to go a very long way down and I can't see any other club info on the Google.