Orkney Peach golden pheasant crests

Cap'n Fishy

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Sep 29, 2008
Complete golden pheasant crests are cheap as chips these days, compared to when I were a lad, especially if you pick up the 2nd quality ones. I picked up a couple and had a go at doing 'Orkney Peach'. I wasn't sure if I was going to aim at getting one spot on at 7.5 (ie in between Globrite 7 and 8) or if I was going to aim at doing one 7 and one 8 and then tie a fly with one of each. I was prepared to be led by how results went.

I did the first one in fluorescent yellow:fluorescent orange at 50:50 (total 3% w/w). That is No. 1 in the photo below...

It ended up more or less Shade No. 7. So, for the second one, I backed-off to 80:20 yellow:orange (total 3% w/w). I thought at first it was about 7.5, but after it drying, it is not far off 8. So, I might try tying a couple of flies with one of each to see how they look, and if I want a 7.5, I will try a 65:35 or a 70:30.

Also in the photo, just for reference: spools of Globrite 7 and 8, a hank of mixed 7 and 8, a natural crest (3) and a crest dyed pure fluorescent yellow (4).

I also did a shot of them all under UV...



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Nov 1, 2017
Way out West
Looking swell Cap’ .
If you don’t mind me asking did you use Veniard flu’ Orange? , and I presume the yellow was your fav. EBest ;)

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