Patagonia Middle Fork Waders Regular/Small - SOLD


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Mar 25, 2019

Patagonia Middle Fork Waders, brand new in box. Worn once in the house, to test the fit. They're the very lightweight waders that Patagonia produced a few years ago. I've gotten fat thanks to Covid, so they no longer fit.

There's no sizing info for this on the patagonia website anymore, so here's my vitals when I could just about fit in to it - 5' 11", size 8 boot, 15st, with a 36" waist. It was a little tight, hence it never being worn. If you were about 14st 7lbs, I reckon it'd fit well. It says 'Small - Regular Length' on the box. The issue for me was purely waistline related, I thought, I'll lose 1/2 stone and they'll be perfect... Happy to take photos if anyone wants them.

I checked and the RRP was £300, but I got it in a sale for £150. So £100 posted.

I've had quite a few PMs from interested people and I'm currently working through them. Probably no point PMing me now, I'm hoping they'll sell in a few days. If not, I'll amend the post.
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