Peak LED Fly Tying Light - Sold


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Jul 5, 2012
Peak LED Fly Tying Light.
- Mounts to any 3/8" diameter vice stem and incorporates an integral tool holder
£95 posted
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- Includes UK adaptor plug
- Tying light head is mounted on a flexible neck

Peak LED Fly Tying Light is the best portable lighting solution we have found providing a full spectrum white light that won't skew the colour properties of the fly tying materials you are working with. The LED light source runs cool providing 120 degrees of lighting to illuminate your entire tying area with up to 300 lumens and with minimal power consumption. Even running the Peak LED Tying Light after a full day of tying you'll find the housing remains cool to the touch - No need to worry about burning your hand if you accidentally touch your light!. Use the 20" flexible neck to allow optimal positioning of the light, last but not least another great benefit is the Lights so lightweight in construction it can be easily transported.

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