Pike fly line


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Mar 2, 2018
South Wales
Well unusually for me I bought a real cheapo of a line to go on my #12weight,a Talon #12 weight floater, I couldn't try it out because I was waiting for the rod to arrive. When I spooled the line it appeared very smooth ,I fitted the provided loops so was all ready to go once the rod arrived.

The rod arrived today so I gave it a try on my front lawn,well all I can say is the rod and line performed brilliantly. The rod is a Maxcatch Premium 9' #12 weight and I was surprised at the quality of finish. All in all a brilliant set up for under £60. I wondered how I would get on with a rod of this weight but I managed to cast it without any issues other than I need a longer front garden.:rolleyes:
#12 rod what a beast, catch couple of alligators with that............ 🎣