poisonous Adder snakes

The Barbless Crook.

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May 6, 2007
My BiL and myself used to fish a small reservoir called Ty Mawr. It was half natural bank and half dam wall. The wall was made out of granite blocks about 15"x6", on the round the blocks had gaps that housed all manner of wildlife. One summer day we decided to fish it early, as it used to have a good hatch of sedges at night. I was there at sunrise, tackled up and fishing as the sun rose. Six fish and two hours later I decided to have 5mins, layed down pulled my hat over my eyes and had a nap. Woke when I heard my BiLs voice ask, Was I OK.? my reply was yes, And what about your friend.? I turned to my left and not two feet away was the biggest adder warming it self up. To say I almost s--t myself was a understatement.
Apparently the blocks go back deep into the bank, the tempreture is stable, so they rest up in the holes and come out to wam up in the morning. Over the follwing seasons we saw lots of them, but always gave them a bit of room.