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Nov 30, 2009
“Goldenloch” Fishing Report 2020


Phone; 01337840355, or 07968006367

Secchi-0.6 metres + Temperature 4.40 degrees - Oxygen is High

“The Goldenloch”


The weather is horrible just now, making fishing days miserable, the worst thing is the water quality has become dirty brown / green, I think a lot due to the field next to the loch getting ploughed releasing lots of fertiliser, if you have ever kept fish, then you will know that Phosphate, Potash and Nitrogen are the arch enemy to water quality, the last week or so has seen a few guys out, but catches for some have been poor, however having stocked last week and I am glad we did, it meant at least guys were catching fish albeit easy caught stockies, noticeable by the comments that the fishing was a tad easy, its disappointing that the water is coloured, but this is the best time of year for it to happen, I was surprised to see it go so green so quick as the water temperature is really low, however the last week has seen it rise a degree which was a real surprise, rainfall figures are all over the place just now, my electronic device seems to be reading exceptionally high amounts of rain, it may be right I am not sure, so a new one has been purchased, next year’s day tickets are on sale now till Christmas and the beneficiaries will again enjoy a gift of an extra ticket for every 5 bought so 5 gets 6, 10 gets 12 and so on, two ticket types are available. Tickets are limited and only available till Thursday 24th December, the reason is I really do not enjoy to much of the presales element.

Price List 2021 at the “Goldenloch” stays exactly the same as last year, which is, -

Catch and Release Only, Barbless Hooks, minimal handling ½ day, 4 hrs £15, purely catch and release All day, 8 hrs £20, purely catch and release

KILL TICKETS ½ day, 4 hrs £20, for first 2 fish caught then catch and release All day, 8 hrs £25, for first 3 fish caught then catch and release

There is no charge for boats, bring your own electric motor and battery if you wish. Disinfectant dip available.

Covid-19 and fishing

BASIC RULES are mostly common sense, however as a guide,

Social distancing must be adhered too, please park sensibly giving ample room.

Hand sanitiser and disinfectant sprays are freely available.

Barbless Hooks only, Fish must not be handled, only killing fish allows hands on.

Own Nets to be disinfected at net station or use our nets which are available.

No trawling is permitted nor boat movement by an electric outboard.

Drifting is permitted only when there is no risk of interfering with other anglers.

Bank anglers have priority over boat, therefore require casting distance.
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