Pretty Much our new rules both anglers and Fisheries


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Nov 30, 2009
Angling Scotland Ltd has been working with the Scottish Government, SportScotland and

Marine Scotland to ensure that angling can start again as soon as it is safe to do so. We

offer this advice to anglers and fisheries as best practice. We will continue to work with

the Scottish Government and its agencies as we follow the route map to the new normality.

We rely on the angling community to reflect itself well, to follow the Scottish Government

guidance in letter and in spirit and in doing so strengthen our hand in being able to best

represent anglers and angling, and to better influence government thinking in the angling


We hope that you find this guidance as both useful and sensible as we begin to reintroduce

Angling into our lives.

David Ogg

Chairman, Angling Scotland LTD

Guidance for Anglers

The following guidance has been established to ensure a safe environment for all “Anglers”

and all on-site staff, sets out the basis on how Anglers can return to a safe environment as

outlined by the Scottish Government’s Phase 1 relaxation of restrictions.

Not only are Anglers expected to comply with the guidance they should also observe the

government and public health restrictions. Guidance is subject to change and will be under

continuous review. We would ask all Anglers to regularly check with Angling Scotland and

their fisheries for regular updates.

Prior to Angling:

• Travel from your home must be in line with

Scottish Government guidelines – in phase 1

local travel is noted as broadly 5 miles from

home. Anglers should use their discretion but

focus on local trips as much as possible.

• If you are in the highest risk (shielding) group

outlined by the Government, then you should

stay at home.

• If you are ill or have any symptoms of

COVID-19 then stay at home.

• Schedule your session time in the manner

prescribed by your fishery. Under no

circumstances should you arrive without

booking in advance.

• Disinfect your equipment including waders,

nets and any other items that may come in to

contact with you or the water.

• Ensure you have enough equipment for the

entire session as the facilities at the fishery

may be closed and you should not exchange

equipment with other anglers.

• Aim to arrive no more than 15 minutes prior

to your session.

• Park your car in such a way as to facilitate

physical distancing.

During Angling:

• Always observe social distancing rules at the


• Use your own net do not share nets with

other Anglers

• Do not share equipment, food or drink with

others unless from the same household.

• Follow all local procedures that are

implemented by your fishery or club.

• Always follow good hand and respiratory

hygiene guidelines e.g. washing of hands,

use of face coverings in enclosed spaces

Guidance for Fisheries

The following guidance sets out the basis on how fisheries can open and provide a safe

environment for Anglers as outlined by the Scottish Government’s Phase 1 relaxation of


Procedures are subject to change, we would therefore ask fishery managers to regularly

check here for updates.

For Fisheries to open they should first ensure that:

• All activity should be consistent with current guidance on health, physical distancing and

hygiene – facilities should also make sure they can adapt to changes in guidance at short


• All essential maintenance and preparatory work has been completed in order to ensure

compliance with Government guidance on physical distancing and hygiene.

General Guidelines

• Risk assessment – should be carried out and documented.

• Put your risk assessment on display so that Anglers can understand the risks and measures

taken to manage.

• Travel guidance outlined by the Scottish Government should always be adhered to by

anglers. Broadly speaking this means that anglers should be from the local area with

minimal exceptions.

• Physical distancing rules outlined by the Scottish Government must always be adhered to.

• Anglers who are in the highest risk (shielded) group outlined by the Government should not

attend fisheries during phase 1.

• Anglers with any symptoms of COVID-19 should also not attend fisheries.

Session times and access

The following guidance is discretionary and should be subject to the appropriate

risk assessments taking place by fishery managers.

• Session times should be managed and booked in advance – anglers should not simply turn

up to fish.

• Daily session times and intervals are at the discretion of the fishery – the following

groupings should be permitted;

• Individuals anglers.

• Angling pairs from the same household, with household members.

• A non household angler can travel, but not in the same car. They can fish at the same

location, exercising social distancing.

• Competitions are not recommended in phase 1 of re-introduction.

• Booking records should be kept for a period of at least 6 weeks to assist with contact

tracing should the need arise.

Advance Planning and Communication with Anglers:

• Fisheries should ensure communication to all Anglers that they should follow the

“Guidance for Anglers.”

• Provide Anglers with regular updates on any changes made.

• Physical distancing – the 2m rule applies to all these settings. Facilities need to adapt to

encourage social distancing.

• Workforce – ensure the relevant workplace guidance is followed for staff, and any existing

health and safety advice is maintained and aligned.

• Cleaning – hand hygiene is a core measure and provision should be made for this where


• Anglers should use their own nets. Provision of a means to disinfect nets prior to fishing

would be advisable.