Ravensthope Christmas Eve

Rob Edmunds

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May 8, 2008
Midlands Reservoirs
The wife and I decided to venture out to Ravensthope today, 12:00 - 15:00.

A 10 to 12mph North West wind 6c and Sun greeted us, the only problem was the reservoir was coloured up with the sudden influx of rain water and 'run off' from the surrounding hills....think tea coloured with just 2- 3ft visibility.

Ravo has been fishing well, and until today we have averaged 4 to 6 fish each in just three or four hours, on cormorants, black tadpoles or snakes on an intermediate line.

Well I opted for 2 cormorants and a black snake on an intermediate with an ultra slow roly poly.....my wife a black blob and olive snake on a DI3.

Despite working the depths, and different locations we failed to get a pull between us ( we were the only ones there 😁 as usual)....

Still a day out, and I know that once the water clears......probably about a week given that there is still 'run off' colouring it up, then it will fish really well again, and we will have the place literally to ourselves for 2 months...