Ravensthorpe Pike


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Feb 10, 2014
I’m going out on a tube this week for pike as it’s a little cooler. Anyone got any tips or areas at Ravensthorpe please, I know it’s hard but it’s local to me and I’m desperate to get out. Cheers

Rob Edmunds

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May 8, 2008
Midlands Reservoirs
Start at Coton End ( by the little tunnel) the weed will be growing well now in this area and it's only about 12 to 15ft deep, perfect for the Pike.

I'd just work the natural banks 5 to 25m out on a di3 or 5

I've had 30's out of Ravo, but these were lucky fish when targeting trout.

When targeting Pike there on the fly I've had plenty of Jack's up to 10lb but nothing bigger.....I've seen bigger fish obviously but never got close to catching one.

With the high stocking policy and a lot of fatalities with C & R I think there's more than enough food for the big pike to be pretty choosy there.....

it's a hard water for pike

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