Red Ibis


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May 17, 2006
In between the old and new Arsenal grounds
Goose dyed red for the wings and tail. can't you just use a red cock hackle for the hackle? Not up on this dressing though Andrew.

It was a bit of a quest to find the dressing ,somewhere in my collection of books(fishing flytying,history,maps ,gardening ntural history++,and swmbo s philosphy,poetry ,special needs teaching literature with a few of the boys engineering study texts there was mention of this patern.
several enjoyable days sifting through the above ,photos ,letters ,postcards and dressing materials all found tucked away inbetween pages
Followed by 2 books from the originator of the pattern found in obscure parts of the web (ok amazon and Abe books) I got there.
Some subs being considered at the moment ,I will be retiring at Christmas and will then cobble up a few for hopefully a trip to the far north some time next year.

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