Redington NTi 9' 5wt


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Nov 20, 2012
Selling one of my Redington NTi in 9’ 5wt

Perfect condition rod, very hard to find. This rod series is not widely known as it did cost twice the price of top of the line Sage XP /Loomis GLX Classic when released.
Ultrafast action yet relatively soft tip, enormous amount of power in the butt. If you are familiar with Loomis GLX classic or Sage XP: NTi is faster but much less stiff, NTi has more power in the butt, NTi is lighter.

First rod ever to use nano resin, first rod ever to use different carbon module for each section, blanks were made by CD of New Zealand. Very first ultra fast recovery rod with a non stiff tip.At that time, Redington didn't belong to Sage and was top range brand,
This is a legendary rod series for tackle tart.

Happy to send pictures to anyone interested.

Asking for 240 delivered (including original sock and original aluminium tube)