Reel seat inserts


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Jun 26, 2006
Graeme, knurling is a real bugbear with me, I'm never pleased with my own efforts. That knurling is perfect.......I hate you.;) Please tell me you didn't do that on a chinese 7x14.

I'm afraid did! Mine used to be not so good either., I'm no expert and am totally self taught, but I think it was mainly because my knurling tool wandered a bit because the pivot points were a bit loose from new. I tightened tings up with shims and stuff as much as I could and that seems to have helped. I also find that even if it looks wrong halfway though, just keep on going and applying the pressure and it eventually sorts itself out normally, and although it seems wrong, lots of speed seems to be the trick the further into the process you go. I'm sure a timeserved turner will tell me I'm completely wrong!