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Jul 6, 2019
A reel that I'd ordered 6 years ago arrived today.
It's a reel from the maker William Olson of Utah, the favourite of steelhead and salmon fishermen of North America. So much has his popularity grown since first offering his wares in around 2010, that there's now a waiting list of 4 years or more.
He makes mostly G&P reels, his followers prefer to use hand braking rather than a drum or disc brake as found on many old and new reels such a Bogdan, the original Vom Hofes or newer sealed disc modern reels.
They're famous for producing one of the loudest noises from a reel either with line coming in or out, but more so out, a feature loved by the North American anadromous fishing community. As they say "loud reels save lives"!!
I have one of his reels from 2012, which only took a year to deliver, but those days are long gone, as is with any maker whose wares become the object of desire.
So long was the wait that the reel changed forms many times during wait for my turn to come. It was originally one of his beautiful Raised Pillar disc reels in all silver, clear anodised, but I changed that to a 3.5" extra wide 1.3" spool as I acquired reels of other makers offering shorter delivery times.
They say good things come to those who wait, but this one really tested my resolve. It was due to be delivered by the dealer Gary Siemer of Vintage Fly Tackle 4 years after ordering, but he tragically passed away in that year and I believe orders were lost or cancelled. Contacting William directly he offered to deliver the reel to me within a short time, but that too was delayed due to circumstances out of his control.
Water under the bridge, the reel was destined for an 11'3" #6 bamboo spey rod which currently sports a 3.25" reel with a 1.25" spool however it is a very tight fit. This reel is slightly bigger and wider, though probably at the same weight, around 10oz.
With a year in lockdown preventing many from travelling either locally or abroad for fishing, I'm dying to get out, but also to get this reel christened and making loud complaints!
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In one word Superb.

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